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Hello, and welcome to Imps!

Imps shares extraordinarily creative activities with parents,  preschools, children’s centres & schools.  All our sessions enrich childrens’ learning, inspire the grown-ups, and use low-cost, recycled materials.

♥ Imps provides  weekly sessions for the under fives, at three stages.

* Baby Imps; from birth-walking.

* Tiddler Imps; just walkers- two and a half.

* Toddler Imps; from walking until school.

Babies can enjoy Sensory Experiences and Rhythmic Songs with their parent. Tiddlers build from there with Discovery Bags and Physical Play as well as Sensory Experiences and Action Songs. Toddlers move on to a range of Investigative Play activities such as pendulum painting,  rocket mice,  fairy tea, and ice marbles.  Our activities are open-ended and flexible,  so they are accessible for every child.

  Imps provides Big Days In for early years settings; I will come to you with a complete hands-on session for your children and parents to investigate.  Topics include Science Explorer, Communication & Mark-Making, Celebrations and many, many more.  Each session is individually planned for your setting.  Please see the Big Days In page for more details.

  Imps offers Science Workshops for primary schools. We bring a two hour session packed with scientific thinking and wonderful hands-on experiences, investigating forces and materials. Please see the Science Workshops page for more details.

♥ Imps can be booked to come to Festival-style events. This year we’ve run creative play spaces at Weird and Wonderful Wood, Gig in the Garden and the Suffolk Fun Festival. These drop-in and out, play-as-you-wish spaces are wonderfully relaxing. Originally designed for under 5s, we’ve found Imps actually appeals to visitors of all ages!