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Blogs for July 2012

Big Grassy Area at Ellingham

18 July 2012

Every setting has a different space, which offer both possibilities and limitations.  At Ellingham playgroup, they have a lovely wide open grassy area, which means plenty of room, but also has the challenge that it can look a bit empty.


Of course, all Early Years settings have tight budgets, so I was trying to think of ways to make the most of all that space that didn’t cost too much, or take up much room to store. Like many groups, (including Imps!) Elllingham has to pack everything away at the end of the day.

I used flour to mark out a roadway. Pizza bases were on hand in case anyone wanted a steering wheel.

I added some roadwork potential, because all stories need a little tension!

I was impressed by this particular foreman who knew that he needed to look at the word he DIDN’T want in order to show the word he DID want to the other players…

I aso tried out a jumping ground, with simple bucket and pole jumps. Karen popped indoors, strapped on a pony head and gave it a whirl! I am pleased to report that she had a clear round. 😉

I tried out woodchip to make some pathways, added a few dragonish bits and pieces….the pathways were not walked on, but they did frame the play.

Next time I’ll just try a simple circle. The dragons and their golden eggs attracted plenty of attention, and were transported all around the site, and used in many other ways.

The fabric labryinth was popular as ever, but the tepee was THE place for all dragon boys to hide from showers.

Another new thing today was the Tickly Tower.  One little boy stood inside shouting “it’s a shower!”

Luckily we didn’t have too many of those, it only really began to rain when it was time to pack-up.  But hey, that’s what raincoats are for, right?!  The day finished on a lovely note for me with a follow-up booking made there and then….

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