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Blogs for November 2012

Lavenham Preschool Open Day

16 November 2012

Lavenham Preschool had just moved into a lovely hall in the main school. Imps was invited to be a part of their opening day celebrations. The challenge here was that the hall is also used for school dinners, so the play session had to be able to get packed away and completely clear in approx 20 minutes. Gosh!

Quick pack-up = dry mess! So scoopy straws, hairdryer cannons, shadow boxes, post office, wet chalk, rainbow raindrops, teddy trains and feathers all made it into the plan. It was a truly lovely session, the children coping so well with all these activities and a new space; hats off to the staff that prepared and supported them.


In fact the children rose to the challenge, exploring adding tubes to the hairdryer cannon (no-one has ever done that before!),


inventing a sweetie factory for the scoopy tubes (somewhat alarmingly I was told that the sweeties had to go to a compost heap AND come back, never did quite get to the bottom of that one!)

and towards the end of the session a little group of boys designed themselves a police car, borrowing bits from all around.

Thank you for a smashing day, Lavenham! (And yes, we did pack & clear in the time. Phew!)








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