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Blogs for November 2013

Winter Wonderland for Bramble Bears

19 November 2013

The first Wintery session of the year….I can’t avoid it any more, Christmas is a-coming!


I decided to try and capture a child’s-eye view of this session, by following one child. I nearly managed it! (There are a couple of other shots because the little girl I followed didn’t try everything!)

Clearly big physical activities were her first preference…..lots of growly bears popping up to surprise passersby!



Next up was the Pendulum, lots of crashing, bashing, and running around here.



The Sparkly Salt table was thoroughly investigated, then it was back to the bear den and the pendulum.



A little exploring at the paint table, using the materials available in entirely her own way.



Towards the very end of the morning, the claydough attracted her attention. Interestingly this became a big physical challenge, (Can I gather it all and balance it on one hand?) rather than the more typical rolling, squeezing and cutting play.


There were some areas that she simply did not find attractive…the “snow” in the pool, for instance,



or the tree that you could decorate yourself,


although these went down well with other children (and grown-ups!).

I found it absolutely fascinating to be reminded that each individual child will view the activities provided through the filter of ┬átheir own learning style, likes and dislikes. It certainly had me musing about the importance of knowing what each child will naturally do, so that as a practitioner we can find ways to harness that into gently expanding the comfort zone…

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