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Baby Imps

Babies need the security of a loved adult close by, so this session includes teacher-led explorations, with time for individuals to look, touch, listen and taste things from the comfort of a familiar lap.

Careful planning ensures that your baby’s whole development is stimulated through:

  •   interesting things to explore, eg feathers, bubbles, lights, textures
  •   baby signing
  •   sensory touch/mini massage
  •   songs
  •   treasure baskets
  •   books
  •   social time – with the ever-popular home made cakes

For babies from birth to 4 months there is MiniBabies, which is gently paced, includes lots of face-to-face, songs, rhymes, mini-massage and sensory experiences. For babies 5 months to 1 year, the Babies session includes treasure baskets, active songs, books and touch ‘n’ taste. The focus is always on following your baby’s lead, and the atmosphere is always relaxed and welcoming.

Thursdays; Babies 9.30-11.00, MiniBabies 11.15-12.15  at Taylor Rd Rooms, Diss.

Fridays; Babies 9.30-10.45 and 11.00-12.15,  at Taylor Rd Rooms, Diss.

All baby sessions are £4.75 per week, payable in half-termly blocks.

Parent's Comments

“Love minibabies- lovely coming to a group and getting to spend some one to one time with your baby. Rachel is so lovely and friendly. Always brilliant meeting new people and everyone is so welcoming. A good chance to chat about being a mum and all the positives that come with it and hard times! Never been to a group like imps- Love how interactive it is and all the things Rachel thinks of for the little ones to do is fantastic. Also the cake is fantastic! X” Hannah

“MiniBabies was brilliant, I was welcomed and felt at home even when my baby slept, cried and fed and invariably would only be active for one part or song of the session. However as she got older she was awake more and loved it” Alice

“I just wanted to reiterate how fabulous I think Imps is!! This might sound harsh to the other baby groups we attend (and I don’t want to sound like an awful mother) but Imps is the only group that I don’t feel is like a chore to go to. I love your enthusiasm and the fantastic activities (as well as the cake!) and I’m always skipping down the road on a Thursday to get to you” (anonymous Diss mum!)

“I just wanted to say that Pippa and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Imps. I can’t wait to re-join when Pips is ready for toddlers. Pippa adores you and all that the group offers and I loved the amazing cakes and friends that I’ve made since joining. I would recommend this group to anyone. See you soon xxx”

“I really can’t thank you enough for letting us experience Imps, we have both loved every second of it. It puts a spring in our step every Thursday after each extravaganza of singing, dancing, playing and tasting! Thank you so much for your bucket load of passion, creativity and dedication…”

“It’s hard to know who loved it more – me or Sid!”

“It’s great to see the wonder on your baby’s face when the bubbles come down.”

“I particularly liked the way baby imps was well prepared, planned, resourceful, theme based, creative and fast paced…no time to get bored!”

“The treasure basket is George’s favourite bit, he can’t wait to get at it.”

“The social time has been good for me, I was new to the area and didn’t know anyone. Rachel’s very good at making sure you’re not left out too.”

“I feel so comfortable here. Rachel loves the children and they love her right back.”