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I love festivals, but sometimes I notice that the wonderful children’s activities cater mostly for 4 upwards and need quite a bit of adult help.

When I take Imps activities to a festival, I concentrate on providing highly engaging play stations, that require very little adult support…..which is often quite a relief to both adult and child!  I provide simple open-ended play for very small people, from birth upwards, so that even the smallest festival goer can join in! I often find that much older children like to play too, which is the joy of open-ended things, they can be taken to new heights by the level/age of the child playing with them!

For smaller festivals I can supplement my play stations with a Make & Take table, offering older children the chance to make such wonderful things as Balloon Bassoons, Sock Ponies, Festival Flags, Braid Strings etc.

As all these lovely events are very individual, I can only quote when I know the specifics, please ask.