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I’m thrilled to announce that Science Workshops for Year R and Key Stage 1 classes have been very successful….and after  a recent trial for a Year 3-5 group, we are now able to offer KS2 workshops too. Please read the review below, I am delighted!

Our science workshops have proved to be rich learning experiences for the children and very worthwhile professional development for staff and parents. The science activities we share are open-ended to encourage lots of prediction, observation, questioning, communication, collaboration, excitement and wonder! They are also easy and cheap to replicate and provide lots of opportunities for follow-up work.

For EYFS, R and Key stage 1 the session is typically broken into two one hour slots, with the first hour all about exploring and observing, “What is happening? Why does it do that?” After a play break, the second hour contains open-ended materials to add to the experiments, which challenges the children to say “What would happen if…” and then investigate to see!

For EYFS, R and Key stage 1 it is vital that the school can provide enough adults to enable one adult to be with each group. This ensures that the children’s scientific learning can be supported through open ended questioning, and that language development can be provided by modelling new vocabulary in context. Typically there would be 10 activities for 30 children.

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For Key Stage 2, the emphasis is on proving a statement at each science station. Children can be divided into groups of four or five children, and ideally an adult would be assigned to support each group. The groups will be challenged to ensure that they run a fair test, measure their results and make sure their results are reliable by testing several times.

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At the end of the session, I provide a mini-flier for each child to take home that explains clearly and simply how and what the children have been learning through the science workshop. Usually there is also an example item for each child to take home too, such as a pom pom launcher. In this way parents and caregivers can be involved in the science of the day, and the children encouraged to tell their adults all about it.

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Sessions cost £125 per half day, which includes a previsit (to see your space and discuss your needs), designing your session, preparation, set-up/pack-up time and resources for up to 30 children. Further children cost £1 each. Travel is not included and is charged at 40p per mile.


Parent's Comments

“It was really imaginative, all the activities really captivated the children and made them excited to learn how it all worked”  Reception & Year 1, Corpusty Primary School, Sept 2015

“Fantasic! Children were very engaged, curious to discover and get involved” Reception & Year 1, Corpusty Primary School, Sept 2015

“Many thanks for your time on Monday – we have had so much positive feedback already. It was a really fun  and science filled morning, we all had a great time. The room was full of laughter! Kids loved their goodie bags and I have made bassoons at home with my kids” Old Buckenham Primary School, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, March 2015

“Imps delivered a challenging and awe- inspiring science workshop which engaged and inspired all the children, whatever their ability and learning style from Year 3 to 5. Scientific thinking, including fair testing, predicting and concluding were encouraged through well-directed discussion and recording. Skills reinforced were easily transferable into other areas of the curriculum. Quality scientific experiences for all children were well-organised within a fun, explorative setting. Outstanding value for money, IMPs will be one of our regular bookings and highly recommended”

Mrs Ballam. Senior Teacher/Science co-ordinator Rattlesden School. June 2014

 “I thought the workshop was BRILLIANT, the kids were really engaged by it and so many great ideas to try at home. Really enjoyed it.” Rattlesden Primary EYFS & Key Stage 1  March 2014

 “The range of activities was amazing…what great fun and really got them excited about their learning” Rattlesden Primary EYFS & Key Stage 1 March 2014

“It was great, pitched perfectly for this age range. Equipment & instructions supplied were super. Would recommend to anyone wanting a similar activity” Rattlesden Primary March 2014

“I thought it was fantastic – all very exciting & thought provoking….there were lots of activities all carefully planned with a good variety of skills required” Rattlesden Primary, March 2014

“Fabulous….the activities for the children were so stimulating and effective and could even be replicated at home! It was great to see the children learning in a fun, messy environment! I will certainly be trying out some of the activities again with my class!” Bunwell Primary, March 2014

“Wow, what an amazing day! Interactive investigations challenging pupils to learn across the curriculum. Valuable speaking, listening and creative opportunities for all” – Abbotts Hall Primary, March 2013

“Great experience! Hands on fun and learning- worth every penny (in lemon juice/bicarb of soda alone!) Will definitely recommend!” – Abbotts Hall Primary, March 2013

“Wonderful fun! Really enjoyed the experience and it has given us some good ideas to use with the children in the future” – Abbotts Hall Primary, March 2013

“Fantastic session. All the children focussed and learning so much” – TA Bressingham Primary School Sept 2012

“The children were deeply involved in investigating…..and had a whale of a time! A wonderful opportunity to gather ideas…all possible to make at low cost too – invaluable these days! Children had so much fun they didn’t want to stop. Fantastic session, all the children focussed and learning so much.” – Bressingham Primary Key Stage 1 September 2012