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Toddler Imps

Toddlers and preschoolers need to explore for themselves, as every parent knows! They are programmed to investigate……everything! At Toddler Imps sessions, your child is offered a selection of exciting, original activities, and actively encouraged to explore. Activities could be; knocking over boxes with a pendulum, hiding in feathers, exploring ice paint, playing with lights, exploring the wind, stamping wellies through paint, giving teddies a ride in a big hot air balloon…….there are so many wonderful things to explore! In a packed 60 minutes weekly session your child is free to follow their own choices, while you play with them too. Over the course of a year, your child would experience over 150 different creative play activities, providing a rich mix of learning about science, art, problem-solving, making friends, imagination and discovery.

Every Tuesday at the United Reformed Church Hall, Diss, Norfolk, opposite the  Aldi supermarket. See contact page for map.

From 9.45am until 10.45am or 11.00am until 12.00 noon and costs £5.50 per week, payable in half termly blocks.

Parent's Comments

“Absolutely fantastic! we go to so many baby/toddler classes and I can honestly say that this is the most original and exciting class we have been to..”

“I can’t tell you how enjoyable Toddler Imps was for both of us. It surpassed all my expectations…”

“It’s hugely creative, there is tons of stuff that I CAN do at home – and do, once I’ve been inspired.”

“The children can have lots of fun learning and getting messy and I don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards!”

“It’s the highlight of my week. I was not expecting to love Imps so much. At Imps I get to play and get messy too. I get a glimpse of being 2 years old again. I feel sorry for all the people who won’t ever get a chance to experience this. Bring on Imps for adults!”

“My daughter gets the chance to express herself, and explore different materials, movements and sounds.”

“Imps has such a lovely, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I love socialising with all the other parents.”

“It’s changed the way I see ‘playing’ especially as at other groups I’m worried about if what my child is doing is ‘right’.”

“I find these sessions inspired and inspiring!”

“I as a parent have learnt lots from Imps, its been great, I would recommend Imps to everyone for a totally amazing learning journey not only for children but for parents too”